Animated Freedombox logo!

on July 28, 2011 in Art, Blog, Creativity, Freedom

In the midst of my series on Communication Skills Exercises, yesterday I worked with the brilliant, talented, and accomplished Nina Paley — free culture advocate, creator of Sita Sings the Blues, cartoonist of the insightful, funny, and subversive Mimi and Eunice, and friendly neighbor. We animated the Freedombox logos John Emerson and I worked on. She also does things like post blog entries titled “I am awesome,” suggesting an obvious[…] Keep reading →

Behind China’s Censorship

on July 1, 2011 in Blog, Freedom

I had heard of the Great Wall of China. Now I’m behind it. They block Facebook, Youtube, plenty of Wikipedia pages (like pages on internet censorship in China), and links to software to get around the firewall. There seems to be a paid service to circumvent it. I can’t say I understand the strategy behind blocking these sites. It seems counterproductive to my concept of what government is for —[…] Keep reading →

Freedombox logo designs

on June 8, 2011 in Art, Creativity, Freedom, Models, Visualization

More Freedombox logo ideas, in collaboration with John Emerson. Click on them for larger versions. If you don’t know about Freedombox, I recommend learning about (and supporting) it, unless you like third parties like corporations and governments having access to your personal life.

Freedombox logo ideas

on April 17, 2011 in Art, Blog, Freedom, Nature

A friend and I were playing around with logo ideas for the Freedombox project based on this email solicitation from the Freedombox Foundation for T-shirt designs: T-Shirt Designs ————— One of the things we offered Kickstarter donors was a T-shirt. We are thus soliciting T-shirt designs. The theme of the shirt is Community Angels. It would be good to involve our current logo Sorry, we don’t have a bigger[…] Keep reading →

Creating more freedom

on February 16, 2011 in Blog, Freedom

The New York Times wrote yesterday about Eben Moglen, whom I wrote about recently. “We have to aim our engineering more directly at politics now,” he said. “What has happened in Egypt is enormously inspiring, but the Egyptian state was late to the attempt to control the Net and not ready to be as remorseless as it could have been.” … If revolutions for freedom rest on the shoulders of[…] Keep reading →

Freedom today

on February 6, 2011 in Freedom

The freedom for consenting adults to do what they like is as fundamental a freedom as I can think of and the protecting of it one of my most important interests. About once a week I say something like “I’m a big fan of consenting adults doing what they please.” I’m not a fan of people preventing consenting adults from doing what they like or a person involving someone who[…] Keep reading →

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