“17 Creative Weekend Routines For a Happier, More Successful Week,” including plogging

October 30, 2018 by Joshua
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Thrive Global featured me and my plogging habit in the subheading. I recommend trying it. My picking up trash has led others to start doing it too, and to find they enjoy it. One even claimed she was dirt-phobic before doing it.

17 Creative Weekend Routines For a Happier, More Successful Week

Stargazing, “plogging,” rom-com marathons –– which of these activities will put gas in your tank this weekend?

plogging thrive global

Thrive Global featured me and plogging, which I’ve mostly switched to from jogging.

Here’s the part about plogging as a creative weekend routine:

Try “plogging”

“I recently replaced jogging with ‘plogging’ — picking up litter while I run. I thought the stopping and stooping would annoy me, but the burn in my leg muscles from lunging and squatting tells me I’m working them, which is satisfying. However modest the effect on the environment, it takes no extra time, makes me more fit and helps clean our world.”

—Joshua Spodek, author, speaker, and professor of leadership, New York, NY


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