Freedombox logo designs

June 8, 2011 by Joshua
in Art, Creativity, Freedom, Models, Visualization

More Freedombox logo ideas, in collaboration with John Emerson. Click on them for larger versions.

Freedombox logo

Freedombox logo

Freedombox logo

Freedombox logo

Freedombox logo

Freedombox logo

If you don’t know about Freedombox, I recommend learning about (and supporting) it, unless you like third parties like corporations and governments having access to your personal life.

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5 responses on “Freedombox logo designs

  1. Thumbs up for the flower logo. I hope the project adopts it.

  2. The flower box logo itself looks great, and is nicely adaptable across a range of uses. The “Box” with the dotted line around it, is kinda cheesey. It looks even worse when the other more fancy stuff surrounding it is taken away (like on the Freedom Box stickers. You could try replacing the standard round “O” in box with an unusual, rectangular “O” to emphasise the “Box” in FreedomBox and remove the dotted line if you wanted to be a bit more unusual / subtle.

    • Thanks for the kind words, especially about the flower boxes and their adaptability.

      The “Freedombox” text and box isn’t part of John, Nina, and my work. People at the Freedombox foundation asked us to include that part so we did. I noticed that text logo used in at least one Debconf talk. I hope to see the flower logo get used too. Of course, anyone can use what they like.

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