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The Hardware Entrepreneur Interview: Effective project-based learning from astrophysicist turned entrepreneur, professor, with Joshua Spodek

on April 20, 2017 in Audio, Creativity, Education, Entrepreneurship

I’ve done a lot of podcasts lately. The latest is unique and more personal. Here’s why… As a guy who got a PhD in physics became an entrepreneur got passionate about improving in business, and teaches experiential project-based learning, I was pleased to find a guy who got a PhD in physics became an entrepreneur got passionate about improving in business, and teaches experiential project-based learning. This other guy is[…] Keep reading →

Learn inquiry-driven project-based learning from experienced experts this July!

on June 26, 2015 in Education, Events, Leadership

If you’ve talked to me about teaching in the past year, you know how much the students at Science Leadership Academy have inspired me to teach in the style of that school—that is, what they call inquiry-driven project-based learning. The first student I interacted with when she showed me around the school showed as much leadership skills as many people with MBAs I’ve met. I’ve participated and led talks at[…] Keep reading →

Lessons in freedom and self-expression from a high school student in a project-based learning school

on August 5, 2014 in Awareness, Education, Freedom

Kids often say things more clearly than adults. Actually, I think I should credit the insight below as much to inquiry-driven project-based learning as to the innocence of youth. Context: When I visited Science Leadership Academy last winter, a student led a tour of the school. A question came up about school uniforms, which the school didn’t have. During the discussion on the topic, someone asked if any problems ever[…] Keep reading →

Student-driven inquiry-driven project-based learning rocks!

on July 22, 2014 in Education, Leadership

The KQED blog in San Francisco that covered my using inquiry-driven project-based learning teaching entrepreneurship at NYU recently covered something more remarkable: a student-created program in a high-school where the students create and do their projects on their schedule. The article, “This Is What a Student-Designed School Looks Like,” speaks for itself, describing how a Massachusetts high school student saw engagement and mastery lacking in his classmates at his high[…] Keep reading →

Read KQED’s story about Joshua Spodek adopting inquiry-driven project-based learning at NYU-Poly

on March 11, 2014 in Education

Read KQED’s story about how I’ve adopted inquiry-driven project-based learning in teaching my class at NYU-Poly, Entrepreneurial Marketing and Sales, in “Can University Professors Benefit from K-12 Progressive Teaching Tactics?” You no doubt already read my post “Inquiry-driven project-based learning rocks!” describing my experience at EduCon in Philadelphia and starting to value and use this style of teaching. If you didn’t, go there for background. The KQED reporter who wrote[…] Keep reading →

Inquiry-driven project-based learning rocks!

on March 1, 2014 in Education, Leadership

If you lead, coach, or mentor, knowing effective teaching methods help you. People have been learning to teach for thousands of years, so we stand to learn from them. I recently attended a phenomenal conference on education called EduCon in Philadelphia, co-hosted by longtime friend Chris Lehmann, who founded The Science Leadership Academy, which ranks as one of the most inspirational educational communities I’ve participated in, including several Ivy-League universities.[…] Keep reading →

680: Wolfgang Lutz: A Primer in Demographics and Global Population Projections

on March 31, 2023 in Podcast

Wolfgang Lutz is one of the world’s experts in projecting global population levels and demography. I contacted him to help understand the differences between projections based on demography like his and the United Nations’ versus systemic ones like in Limits to Growth. He gave a comprehensive overview of who projects and how, at least as much as can be covered in under an hour. Some highlights: Who projects based on[…] Keep reading →

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