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Clear talk on the environment from a man at the forefront for fifty years

on December 20, 2020 in Education, Nature

I watched two presentations by Dennis Meadows, one of the authors of Limits to Growth, a book I consider fundamental to understanding how humans interact with finite resources. Until I read it, I harbored hopeful but erroneous misconceptions of how technology might save us. I apply leadership to the environment instead of technology because I understand technology, science, and how they work, not because I don’t. Few people read the[…] Keep reading →

Working on Purpose radio with Dr. Alise Cortez hosted me

on December 16, 2020 in Audio, Education, Leadership

Dr. Alise Cortez hosted me for a wonderful conversation on leadership, education, sustainability, career, and more. It’s radio, but we recorded video. Episode notes Where have all the entrepreneurs gone? We seem to be producing less and less each year. Josh Spodek says this is due in part our educational system that teaches compliance at the expense of pursuing interests and passions in learning. He’s out to teach people to[…] Keep reading →

Want to play Carnegie Hall?

on December 11, 2020 in Art, Education

Want to play Carnegie Hall? . . . or your equivalent—meaning performing at your peak level? If so, the question of how to make it there is not what notes do you play but how to get there. The answer is to practice, practice, practice. Play your scales. Run drills. Rehearse. Mastery takes work, time, discipline, pain, and such. Mastery delivers those things too. It’s worth it to master a[…] Keep reading →

Speak Like a Leader podcast features me today

on November 18, 2020 in Audio, Education, Leadership

When TEDxNYU invited me to give a TEDx talk with less than two weeks to prepare, I knew a coach would help. I researched and hired John Bates. The result? Three TEDx talks and counting, plus one invited me back to lead a work group for TED Countdown. Plus I count him as a friend. John hosts the Speak Like a Leader podcast. I’m his guest today. We talk about[…] Keep reading →

Attend my online workshop: Make my famous no-packaging vegetable stew. Free, October 1 online

on September 15, 2020 in Education, Events, Fitness, Nature

You’ve heard of my famous no-packaging vegetable stews and that I take over a year to fill a load of trash. Read the reviews. Now see how to do it online! Plant Powered Metro New York is hosting this free online event. October 1, 2020, 6pm-7pm Eastern Click here to register. I’ve cooked for over fifty people with nothing to throw away or recycle after. I led a cooking demonstration[…] Keep reading →

Polluting students’ bodies: did NYU go back on its word?

on August 20, 2020 in Education, Nature

NYU announced a year and a half ago: “NYU to Halt Spending on Plastic Bottles by 2020“, stating The new policy, one of several sustainability initiatives announced today, is expected to reduce waste by over 330,000 plastic water bottles per year. As part of an institution-wide drive toward creating a more sustainable campus, NYU President Andrew Hamilton today announced that NYU will no longer purchase single use plastic water bottles,[…] Keep reading →

A million-dollar business idea in sustainability

on July 31, 2020 in Education, Entrepreneurship, Nature

Context An attendee at my webinar on Initiative to Booth, the University of Chicago Business School, Eric Zoerb, followed up that he wanted to start a business on sustainability. Like many, he was looking for efficiency. Most of my life I considered efficiency the top strategy. It felt right. Nature doesn’t react to feelings, though, so no amount of feeling it will work will make something work. If you make[…] Keep reading →

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