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See my webinars on Initiative to Wharton and U. of Chicago Business School alumni.

on July 14, 2020 in Education, Entrepreneurship, Exercises, Leadership

I recently spoke online to alumni groups from the Wharton and University of Chicago business schools on developing initiative, specifically from my book, Initiative. Here are reviews from NYU students who did the exercises I describe in them. I asked if I could share the videos from the webinars. Here they are. As I say in them, I designed them to give you enough to work with on your own.[…] Keep reading →

My new challenge to help people pollute less

on June 15, 2020 in Education, Leadership, Nature

The four-step process I describe in my first TEDx talk goes: What does the environment mean to you? What do you think about when you act on the environment? I invite you at your option to think of something to do to act on that meaning or motivation? Make it a SMART goal Schedule a follow-up conversation to hear how it goes. My new challenge I developed another challenge for[…] Keep reading →

Watch UNICEF’s 2020 World Environment Day Panel Discussion, which included me

on June 8, 2020 in Education, Nature

Want to learn from amazing people who act, not just talk, on nature and sustainability? Watch UNICEF’s 2020 World Environment Day Panel Discussion. How can the Covid-19 crisis be a catalyst for sustainability and climate action at home/work? Environment Top Responders is a group of selected experts, champions, activists and influencers in the New York sustainability space who were invited by the UNICEF New York Staff Association Green Team to[…] Keep reading →

My Question Journal

on April 20, 2020 in Creativity, Education, Nonjudgment

In yesterday’s podcast conversation, educational leader Tony Wagner suggested starting and keeping a question journal as a way of keeping curious and young. At least, I took how he described it that way. I don’t know if people have found ways to make them work better, but I’ve learned that starting first leads to improving faster than trying to start perfectly. As I put it, I have low standards the[…] Keep reading →

Would you take a free course in sustainability leadership?

on March 7, 2020 in Education, Nature

Would you like to act more on the environment? Would you like to act sustainably with confidence? Would you like to boost your career? Would you like to enjoy your results so much you want to share them with others? People have suggested I create a course in how to act sustainably since my approach is so much different than most mainstream advice, like “here’s one little thing you can[…] Keep reading →

297: RIP James Lipton, a huge influence and inspiration

on March 4, 2020 in Art, Creativity, Education, Exercises, Leadership, Relationships

James Lipton, who started and hosted the show Inside the Actors Studio, died yesterday. Here are the notes I read from for this episode: I could talk about how much I enjoyed the episodes, his humor, and a few things I learned from his guests that only his interviewing could have elicited but I will go deeper, to share how fundamental his work has been to mine. Many times I’ve[…] Keep reading →

Is theory just reflection?

on February 28, 2020 in Education

In physics, where I got my PhD, there is a strong divide between theory and experiment. There’s no clear line between them, but generally everyone can tell them apart. The rest of academia and the world uses the term theory so loosely, I can’t tell what they mean and I doubt many of them can either. It’s on my mind because administrators keep looking at my syllabuses and asking where[…] Keep reading →

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