The Method: the series

December 14, 2013 by Joshua
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[EDIT: I covered this series in more depth in Leadership Step by Step, so I recommend the book, but the core is here. I use this technique as a part of my life, basically daily.]

Here is The Method on how to use The Model—my model for the human emotional system designed for use in leadership, self-awareness, and general purpose professional and personal development—in series form.

Leadership Step by Step, the book by Joshua Spodek

I find the Model and Method the most effective and valuable foundation for understanding yourself and others and improving your life. The Model tells you how we work. The Method shows you how to use The Model to lead yourself and others and create the lifestyle you want.

I recommend reading The Model Series first, then reading this series for how to use it.

The Method begins with you knowing your emotional system—the foundation of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. You only have to learn it once in your life. From then on you may refine it or refresh your memory, but you won’t have to re-learn that you have a consistent, reliable, and predictable emotional system.

So I call the step of knowing your emotional system step 0. You only do it once in your life, then when you do the Method, you start at step 1 for each application.


The Method, step by step

Implementation stages


Long term

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