Webinar: Self-Imposed Daily Challenging Activities, Saturday 1pm EST

February 22, 2016 by Joshua
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After teaching, coaching, studying, and practicing leadership for twenty years, I announced my online leadership course, “Introducing the most effective leadership course available anywhere.”

I’m hosting a series of free webinars on the most actionable, useful, effective, and exciting parts of the course.

My webinars will always deliver exclusive, valuable lessons you can use that day and how to build for the long term.

Attend my third webinar, free, this Saturday, February 27, 1pm Eastern Standard Time!

All you need is an internet connection.

SIDCHAs: Self-Imposed Daily Challenging Healthy Activities

If you read my blog you know about SIDCHAs. Learn more about them in detail and how you can make them work for you. Read more about them here to learn how critically useful they are.

Click to register!

Joshua Spodek at MIT

From the registration page:

What You’ll Learn in The Webinar

The importance of structure, especially if you live an otherwise unstructured life
How to create structure when the rest of your life lacks it
The number one most important habit of successful people
How you can apply what you learn starting in the webinar itself to develop greatness in nearly any field
How to create activities that keep you focused in every part of your life
How to free yourself from distractions from your valuable pursuits
Why you never need to spend money on gyms or equipment to stay in the top percent of fitness
Wear loose fitting clothes and prepare to be active!
It’s free, this Saturday, February 27, 1pm Eastern Standard Time!

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