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“How to Lead People So They Want You to Lead Them Again” — My March 15 Leadership Seminar in NYC

on February 28, 2014 in Education, Events, Leadership

Because January’s seminar sold out and people reviewed it so positively, we’re repeating it on March 15. And it includes a copy of my book with admission. Want to motivate people more effectively? Come to my March 15 seminar, “How to Lead People So They Want You to Lead Them Again,” which will be held at NYU-Stern, conveniently located in Greenwich Village. Past attendees of this seminar rated it very[…] Keep reading →

Suffering in silence for someone creates problems. Getting the credit you deserve helps the relationship or keeps you from wasting your time.

on February 28, 2014 in Awareness, Tips

Do you suffer in silence for anyone? Do you find it helps the relationship? It happens in business, but I’ll illustrate it with a classic case where two people suffer in silence for each other is a marriage where both parties think they work and contribute more to the relationship than the other. You can substitute a relationship between manager and report or among teammates if you prefer. Say one[…] Keep reading →

What you can learn from a film director

on February 27, 2014 in Art, Awareness, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Events, Leadership

The reason we on the Distinguished Leaders Committee of Columbia Business School’s alumni club booked a director for this evening’s talk was something one of last year’s speakers, Rita McGrath, said. If you’re near New York City, I recommend you come (click here for details of location and how to sign up, you don’t have to have graduated from Columbia to join). She pointed out that as people work at[…] Keep reading →

How I keep from feeling depressed

on February 26, 2014 in Awareness, Nature, Tips

When people talk about depression other people often start talking about psychology, psychiatry, and medical conditions no one understands the magnitude of who hasn’t experienced them or studied them. Today I’m only going to talk about my experience. If it doesn’t apply to you, I hope you still find something to learn from it. If it does, I’m confident you’ll find something helpful in it. As far as I know,[…] Keep reading →

What if I told you the least you could do was also the most effective?

on February 25, 2014 in Fitness, Tips

People are looking to pick up activities to improve their lives all the time. Nearly everyone recognizes they could do something to improve it. Maybe they want to get more fit, make more money, be more creative, have more fun, feel more excitement, or whatever. Some do. I’ve done a bunch and I’m glad I did. The more I do, the easier the next one becomes. But many don’t. I[…] Keep reading →

The connection between physics and self-awareness and emotions

on February 24, 2014 in Awareness, Evolutionary Psychology, Leadership, Nature

People often ask me if I use my physics education today. As I see it, whereas physical sciences aim to make the world a materially better place, by studying and sharing what I learn about self-awareness and emotions I aim to make the world an emotionally better place. To me, physics is the study of the most fundamental parts of nature—time, distance, gravity, charge, mass, and so on. It also[…] Keep reading →

I’d rather know the subway train was ten stops away than not know where it is when it’s closer

on February 23, 2014 in Awareness, Leadership

Today’s post is on a management practice of keeping people apprised of information that matters to them. I think it speaks for itself, but I’ll illustrate its meaning by describing why it’s on my mind. I’d rather know the subway train was ten stops away than not know where it is when it’s closer. I’m working on a project with a manager who has to deal with some messy bureaucracy[…] Keep reading →

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