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One way universities could teach better

on December 7, 2019 in Blog

Following up yesterday’s post, Universities don’t teach as well as they think they do, I’ll offer a big way they could improve. Learning social and emotional skills requires facing and overcoming social and emotional challenges, at least in my experience. Most active, social, emotional, expressive, performance-based (ASEEP) fields train people through practicing the basics—footwork in dance, groundstrokes in tennis, and scales with musical instruments. Universities teach wonderful facts but regarding[…] Keep reading →

Social media is gossip — global and anonymous gossip

on November 23, 2019 in Blog

People fear social media. They see what it does to relationships and communities. Next time you see people say something on social media self-righteous, mean, condemning, etc about someone you know or at least know of, ask if the people are gossiping — except instead of over the backyard fence in private, to the world in public, which responds in kind. All cultures gossip, I hear. Evolutionary psychology tells us[…] Keep reading →

245: Tia Nelson, part 1: Earth Day

on November 15, 2019 in Blog

One of my main goals for this podcast is to bring people who love acting on one’s environmental values, seeing stewardship not as an obligation but as being a part of something greater than yourself, than any of us, benefiting everyone, and yourself. As you’ll hear, Tia’s roots precede the first Earth Day. Her father started it. Despite so many problems remaining — basically all of them — she’s the[…] Keep reading →

244: Lessons from extinction

on November 11, 2019 in Blog

Learning that humans only recently developed the concept of extinction. Much of the West, for example, believed in a Great Chain of Being, spontaneous generation, and a biblical flood. That perspective suggests that many past behaviors we consider unconscionable may have seemed even humane then, like walking up to a rhinoceros and shooting it in the head. If you can’t imagine it going extinct because new ones will form, how[…] Keep reading →

My social media notes on the environment

on October 23, 2019 in Blog

I’m commenting on threads on the environment in various social media outlets, partly to participate, partly to practice. First-time posts new ideas and views often provoke argument and criticism, so I find it useful to refine my thoughts. My goals with new ideas is to help lead based on one of my definitions of leadership: to help people do what they wanted but couldn’t figure out how to. I think[…] Keep reading →

Your Daily Environment 010, The Once and Future World, August 27, 2019

on August 27, 2019 in Blog

Another reading from J. B. MacKinnon’s Once and Future World — a glimpse of North America before humans arrived. The book blows me away with how nature used to be. I hope you find it as inspirational as I do. Plus the 100-Mile Diet and Ela Bhatt‘s Anubandh. She’s a longtime family friend who grew up nearly interacting with Gandhi, then achieved worldwide recognition for started groundbreaking organizations in India[…] Keep reading →

Overfat and Underfat: New Terms and Definitions Long Overdue and their prevalence.

on August 27, 2019 in Blog

Some researchers have responded to flaws in terms like obesity and measures like body mass index. BMI, for example, doesn’t differentiate between weight from fat versus muscle. They created the term overfat, meaning “excess body fat sufficient to impair health.” Unlike BMI, it doesn’t count very muscular people, who may show high BMIs without being obese. It does count people with excess fat but little enough muscle for their BMI[…] Keep reading →

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