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Taxing pollution, not income, makes more sense

on August 25, 2018 in Freedom, Nature

If there’s one thing we want government to do, it’s to handle things like stealing, assault, and trespassing—where one person’s behavior hurts another. If I damage your person or property, government handles resolving the conflict without vigilante justice. What is pollution except people’s behavior affecting others? I don’t care if you give yourself cancer, flood your home, or throw trash on your property, but when you affect everyone else’s health,[…] Keep reading →

Why you should meditate

on July 26, 2018 in Awareness, Freedom, Nonjudgment

Of the many reasons to meditate, here is what I consider the most valuable. Say you’re a runner. Imagine if every time you ran, at random times, without your awareness, your feet just started running in a different direction than you wanted. And on top of that, your feet started kicking each other equally spontaneously, randomly, and unintentionally. Your mind does just that—no matter how much you want to focus[…] Keep reading →

Independence from garbage, even on my body

on July 4, 2018 in Fitness, Freedom, Visualization

July 4th, Independence Day is about freedom. Usually political freedom. I’m posting today on personal freedom. Last month I posted a video on how more than a year’s worth of garbage fit in a canvas bag. I made two videos that day—one with my shirt off to show the result to my body of avoiding garbage. I held off on posting the shirtless one to stay more conservative given my[…] Keep reading →

How not to be hungry

on June 23, 2018 in Awareness, Fitness, Freedom

I like food. I don’t like skipping meals. Sometimes I can’t avoid missing them. Obligations arise and I have to do something for a few hours nonstop. Sometimes I know the only options are so disappointing, unfulfilling, or involve so much plastic, oil, or other things that will lead me to regret that I’d rather eat a big next meal than what’s available. Most of my life skipping a meal[…] Keep reading →

Illegal immigration

on June 9, 2018 in Freedom

Immigration is a wedge issue in the U.S. It gets a lot of media attention. I’m going to admit that I don’t understand the controversy around illegal immigration. If the nation decided on laws for how many immigrants to receive, why the support for people who came here illegally? Should the laws change? I would support laws changed through a reasonably democratic process. Otherwise, what’s the point of immigration laws?[…] Keep reading →

Why not just say spreadsheet?

on May 25, 2018 in Freedom

Why do people say “Excel spreadsheet” instead of “spreadsheet”? They say “I’ll email you an Excel spreadsheet,” wasting words, while they would never say “I’ll drive my Ford car to the store.” The pattern is different than using names like Kleenex to mean a tissue. People say “Can you hand me a Kleenex,” not “Can you hand me a Kleenex tissue.” As a Linux user who dislikes proprietary software, I[…] Keep reading →

Did Sweden and the New York Times just say that many women raped me?

on May 24, 2018 in Freedom

From the New York Times (my emphasis): STOCKHOLM — “Sex must be voluntary — if it is not, then it is illegal.” This is the straightforward language of a new Swedish law set to change the way rape and other sexual crimes are prosecuted in the country. It is the first law in the country that acknowledges sex without explicit consent as rape I normally don’t write about this topic,[…] Keep reading →

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