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Clear your desk every afternoon, clear your mind every evening

on May 31, 2014 in Freedom, Tips

Want to simplify your life? Try this: at the end of every day, clear your desk of all your work material. Think you can’t do it? Try it. You’ll be surprised at how much simpler it is than you think, and how much it affects your calmness when not at work. I’ve been doing it a few months. Before I did it I would have thought it would take too[…] Keep reading →

Op/Ed Fridays: military leadership and conscientious objection

on May 30, 2014 in Education, Leadership

I read this commencement speech on leadership given by a military man at the University of Texas at Austin. As much as I found the speech inspiring, I couldn’t help but think the following and post it at Hacker News. Here is the full discussion there on the speech, which, as you’ll see, contained some controversy. It sounds like an impressive speech. I understand people share his values. The bravest[…] Keep reading →

Four ways coaching helps

on May 29, 2014 in Leadership

Four reasons, among others, coaching helps, whether you’re Michael Jordan, fresh out of school and first making life decisions for yourself, or some place in between: A mirror: The one person you can’t see from another person’s perspective is yourself, yet you are the one you wish you could see the most. If you lead others, they react to your behavior they see, not what you think or want them[…] Keep reading →

Visualizing reactivity and freedom, part 2: how to improve

on May 28, 2014 in Awareness, Creativity, Freedom, Nature, Tips

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, None but our self can free our mind. — Bob Marley, Redemption Song Context How do you move from living reactively, like in this graph, where you can’t help but react to any intense motivation: To living aware and non-reactively like this, where you are aware of many motivations but don’t feel compelled to react blindly to any? That change brings freedom. It comes from[…] Keep reading →

Visualizing reactivity and freedom, part 1

on May 27, 2014 in Creativity, Freedom, Models, Nature, Visualization

Think of a time you reacted blindly. Did it go well? How do you feel about leaders who react without thinking or intuition? You don’t want to react blindly—the opposite of leadership, since it means you’re reacting to someone else, or unpredictable events in your environment, which I call blowing in the breeze. Most people understand the term “reactive” vaguely, so they can’t do much about it. I find visualizing[…] Keep reading →

Hard work is never easy. You can love hard work.

on May 26, 2014 in Fitness, Leadership

Why do people not get this? If something takes hard work, only hard work will attain it. And hard work is hard. Sure, some work is easy, but some things take hard work. I talk about how much I enjoy doing burpees. More precisely, I like doing them in principle, I like the effects they have on my physical condition and motivation skills, and I like just having finished a[…] Keep reading →

A student’s testimonial

on May 25, 2014 in Education, Entrepreneurship

NYU-Poly collects student evaluations of courses and Professors. One of my students liked the class so much she sent me her evaluation to post independently and publicly. I feel honored and flattered. Professor Spodek’s dynamic personality captured my attention from the start of  the first class in January 2014. I have an entrepreneurial mind and I still remember lessons from the first day applying, making me a better business thinker[…] Keep reading →

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