387: Maja Rosén: Leading not flying

on September 21, 2020 in Podcast

The not-flying-by-choice community is fairly small. About 80 percent of humans can’t fly because they can’t, but among people who can but choose not to, we’re limited. Still, I can’t believe I only found out about Maja recently. A few minutes into her TEDx talk, I knew I had to bring her on. She’s avoided flying about double how long I have. I could hear from her every sentence that[…] Keep reading →

What I buy used versus new

on September 20, 2020 in Entrepreneurship

I never noticed how many of my major possessions I bought used versus new. Side note: I met Craig Newmark—the Craig of Craig’s List—when he spoke at Columbia nearly 20 years ago, then again last winter at a nearby cafe, now closed for the pandemic. Used I bought or acquire used Refrigerator—bought on Craig’s List, I think for $50 about ten years ago when my old one broke. Both sofas—neighbors[…] Keep reading →

When I saw Ruth Bader Ginsburg speak at West Point

on September 19, 2020 in Fitness, Stories

I saw her speak at West Point about a year and a half ago. In a room including colonels, generals, and cadets, she riveted the audience with humor, stories, wit, and insight. My favorite insight was her sharing her friendship with Scalia. Their nearly opposite politics didn’t stop them from things like he would secretly pass her notes while hearing cases to try to make her laugh. Her sharing contributed[…] Keep reading →

386: Bob Inglis, part 1: the EcoRight, a balance to the Environmental Left

on September 18, 2020 in Podcast

Everyone can lead when everyone around them agrees. How about when your conscience tells you what’s right differs from everyone around you? Bob Inglis is a former Congressman from South Carolina—the reddest district in the reddist state, as he puts it. The short story is that he stated he believed the science behind climate change. That was ten years ago. They voted him out. You’ll hear in this episode the[…] Keep reading →

385: Coleman Hughes: Race and social media mobs

on September 17, 2020 in Podcast

I first crossed paths with Coleman at a conference that previous guest Jonathan Haidt organized on promoting viewpoint diversity in academia. I hosted a breakfast panel discussion. Coleman spoke on a panel later that day. He shared views that sounded reasonable and well-expressed, but I also knew social media mobs attacked him, though not often engaged. You hear about situations like that. I wanted to bring someone on who had[…] Keep reading →

384: They would rather switch than fight

on September 16, 2020 in Podcast

Here are my notes that I read from for this episode: Play Thomas N. Todd recording Repeat it, explaining from ad campaign Context was civil rights—that is equal rights for blacks as for whites in the US. I don’t know context but I think pointing out that blacks who could fight best—educated, could speak to whites best—instead of helping other blacks would rather be white and not fight for equality[…] Keep reading →

Attend my online workshop: Make my famous no-packaging vegetable stew. Free, October 1 online

on September 15, 2020 in Education, Events, Fitness, Nature

You’ve heard of my famous no-packaging vegetable stews and that I take over a year to fill a load of trash. Read the reviews. Now see how to do it online! Plant Powered Metro New York is hosting this free online event. October 1, 2020, 6pm-7pm Eastern Click here to register. I’ve cooked for over fifty people with nothing to throw away or recycle after. I led a cooking demonstration[…] Keep reading →

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