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Non-judgmental Ethics Sunday: Should Free Office Food Be Taken Home?

on November 30, 2014 in Ethicist, Nonjudgment, Tips

Continuing my series of alternative responses to the New York Times column, The Ethicist, looking at the consequences of one’s actions instead of imposing values on others, here is a take on today’s post,”Should Free Office Food Be Taken Home?” My company offers certain food items free in our office pantry. Every morning, my co-worker Brandon eats a serving of Cheerios from the pantry while getting settled for the day.[…] Keep reading →

You don’t need six months to prepare. You need an hour.

on November 29, 2014 in Exercises, Tips

I’ve almost finished recording the audio for an online course in many of the exercises I’ve posted here. I expect many people will find doing it a life-changing experience (like they will with my next seminar, this Saturday in Soho). I had been planning to make the course for a long time, thinking of how to write the perfect text and organize it all. I wasn’t creating anything. Then a[…] Keep reading →

Exercise in minimizing

on November 28, 2014 in Exercises, Nature, Tips

Since my posts, “The smallest effective difference” and “Minimum effective behavior,” I’ve meant to write an exercise in using less. The day after Thanksgiving,when people tend to consume more than they want, seems timely. As usual, the point of an exercise is partly for the immediate outcome, but mainly to develop new skills. New skills change your behavior and beliefs in the long term. So while the exercise may seem[…] Keep reading →

Happy Thanksgiving

on November 27, 2014 in Nature

Happy Thanksgiving! Playing with nieces, a nephew, a toboggan, and two dogs in the snow. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday as much.

More effective than willpower

on November 26, 2014 in Choosing/Decision-Making, Habits, Tips

As much as I advise people not to do it, I catch myself relying on willpower when it won’t work all the time. Willpower is when you do something counter to what your emotional system motivates you to do. If you put a chocolate bar in front of someone who loves chocolate, their motivational system makes them want to eat it. If they are trying to avoid sugar, it takes[…] Keep reading →

My first Community-Supported Agriculture shipment

on November 25, 2014 in Fitness, Nature

I finally got around to joining a community-supported agriculture (CSA) deal. You pay for a share of a farmer’s, or group of farmers’ in my case, output for a season. You take on some risk the produce doesn’t come out well, but you pay less and get fresh produce. In my case they deliver it to my door. I’m cooking a lot, and a lot more from vegetable, so I[…] Keep reading →

What happens when you develop empathy and compassion skills

on November 24, 2014 in Awareness, Education, Exercises, Habits, Leadership

Each exercise in my seminars teaches a fundamental, useful leadership skill. Collectively, when you practice them more than a few times, they teach empathy and compassion, two critically important skills if you want people to want you to lead them. With my one-on-one coaching clients I can see their empathy and compassion skills develop over weeks and months. I’ve noticed patterns. At first people feel odd asking about emotions and[…] Keep reading →

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