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Category Archives: Exercises

Leadership Step by Step spotted in the wild!

posted by Joshua on February 22, 2017 in Exercises, Leadership

Seen at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square! Some are in the business section, aside Richard Branson, some are downstairs, on the first floor, center. If you’re looking for a copy of Leadership Step by Step, and you should get one if you don’t, I recommend buying these copies. I signed them. I have[…] Keep reading →

The Benefits of Experiential Learning for Leaders with Rocket Scientist Joshua Spodek

posted by Joshua on February 21, 2017 in Audio, Awareness, Education, Entrepreneurship, Exercises, Habits, Leadership, Perception

Mark Bidwell, founder and podcast host of Innovation Ecosystem, posted today a wonderful interview about Leadership Step by Step, experiential learning, exercises, and more. I can only describe Mark as someone who gets it. He ascended the corporate ladder, where he drove innovation, built teams, and so on, then found there was more to life[…] Keep reading →

How To Lead Better Through Practice: Watch a video with me and David Burkus

posted by Joshua on February 20, 2017 in Education, Exercises, Leadership

David Burkus is a writer, speaker, and coach on leadership and creativity. A mutual friend put us in touch and he’s helped me with my book, coaching, and writing since. He’s also hosting the Work Smarter Summit, an online summit of speakers, interviews, teachers, and thought leaders. I’m one of the speakers! … That means[…] Keep reading →

Amazon ships Leadership Step by Step today!

posted by Joshua on February 16, 2017 in Education, Exercises, Leadership

Several milestones mark a book’s publication. is the dominant book retailer and today they officially started shipping my book, Leadership Step by Step. Early reviews look promising: 27 5-star reviews and 1 4-star. Here’s a screenshot The book has jumped to 472nd place in leadership, an auspicious beginning. Still, 471 places to go. I[…] Keep reading →

Struggling To Find Your Authentic Voice As A Leader? Try These Exercises

posted by Joshua on February 15, 2017 in Exercises, Leadership

My guest post, “Struggling To Find Your Authentic Voice As A Leader? Try These Exercises,” posted today on the American Management Association’s AMACOM Playbook. It begins What is an authentic voice and why does it matter? I’m asked this question a lot because my company has developed an exercise called “Your Authentic Voice.” First, let’s[…] Keep reading →

Forbes profiles three graduates of my course!

posted by Joshua on February 14, 2017 in Education, Entrepreneurship, Exercises, Stories

Forbes’s Carrie Kerpen profiled three graduates of my entrepreneurship course in, “Three Important Lessons Women Learn Early In Their Careers.” The three students—Nikita, Grace, and Nahima—did the course’s exercises with diligence and discipline. None of them knew how experiential the course would be and didn’t expect to create projects that impassioned them or their customers[…] Keep reading →

Join my workshop at the New York Public Library, Sunday February 19!

posted by Joshua on February 7, 2017 in Education, Events, Exercises, Leadership

You’ve heard a lot about my book, Leadership Step by Step, its 5-star reviews, and how its exercises change people’s lives. I may have told you about the standing ovation I got at Saturday’s workshop with Marshall Goldsmith. Now you can see me at a public workshop where I’ll cover one of my book’s most popular[…] Keep reading →