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Month 6, Day 1: Fridge still off (Happy Earth Day)

on April 22, 2021 in Creativity, Fitness, Freedom, Nature, Tips

Today marks the first day of my sixth month with my fridge unplugged. My past two months’ electrical charges from Con Ed were $1.70. I used about two percent the average American’s power use. I’m still avoiding packaging, so no cans or other sealed stuff. On the contrary, I’m finding fresh vegetables and fruit stay a long time without refrigeration. Here’s my podcast episode describing my motivation. It’s not about[…] Keep reading →

Vasectomies aren’t about fewer children. They’re about more sex.

on April 10, 2021 in Freedom, Nature, Relationships

When you talk about population as often as I do, the topic of vasectomies and other forms of contraception arises. People think vasectomies are about not having children. They’re not. A discovery I made about a different surgery will clarify. Almost two decades ago I got lasik surgery for my eyes. One day I needed glasses, the next I didn’t. I thought lasik gave me 20/20 vision, but that’s not[…] Keep reading →

“I refuse to be silenced because you’re afraid of change”

on March 22, 2021 in Freedom, Nonjudgment, Relationships

The Guardian published the following opinion piece, By breaking the silence about patriarchy, men can help end violence against women. I copied the first few paragraphs below. If you don’t find its stereotyping abhorrent, consider the two rewrites that follow, which I consider abhorrent. To clarify, my goal is to increase equality between sexes, not endorsing political views. I am pointing out one simple observation: the article’s treatment of one[…] Keep reading →

Starting month 5 With My Fridge Unplugged

on March 21, 2021 in Freedom, Nature

I unplugged my fridge November 22, meaning tomorrow begins my fifth month with it unplugged. Here’s a podcast post describing why. It’s not to save energy, though it does, but to develop resilience. I opened it to take a picture and am slightly embarrassed to show that mildew has grown, but that happens when it’s not running. I’ll clean it before I plug it back in and put food back[…] Keep reading →

The Founding Fathers, travel, and flying

on February 15, 2021 in Freedom, Nature

With my practicing singing the national anthem and my guests who are experts in abolition, I keep researching the colonies and early United States. Not my goal, but I noticed how often the American Founding Fathers kept showing up in Europe. Here’s Benjamin Franklin in Paris: I could have posted about Jefferson, John Adams, or, for all I know, many non-famous colonists and early Americans visiting Europe and the Caribbean.[…] Keep reading →

Senate hearings on Lloyd Austin III, who invited me to speak at West Point

on January 19, 2021 in Freedom, Leadership

I learned more from the Cadets at West Point than they could possibly have learned from me, but retired General Lloyd Austin III invited me there to co-lead workshops on leadership My mentor Frances Hesselbein introduced us. As I type, the Senate is holding hearings on his nomination to Secretary of Defense. I wrote an Inc. story on the experience, “6 Lessons I Learned Teaching Leadership With a 4-Star General[…] Keep reading →

More on less stuff

on November 15, 2020 in Freedom, Habits

Someone asked about getting rid of stuff. What’s the point? Why not just avoid getting attached to it? I responded. . . Avoiding acquiring things in the first place is the point for me in Things I already possess I may keep using until they wear out or get rid of. Deciding what to get rid of forces me to consider and act on my values, which improves my life.[…] Keep reading →

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