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A workshop graduate and leader living sustainability leadership, biking in the snow and rain

on February 29, 2024 in Fitness, Freedom, Nature

Can we top Jethro Jones? Almost five years ago, on his appearance on the podcast, he committed to riding his bike to work every day for a season. What’s so remarkable about that? He teaches in Fairbanks, Alaska and riding in the winter meant minus 40 degrees (where F equals C). If you haven’t listened to his episode, check it out. Evelyn biking in the snow The other day, Evelyn,[…] Keep reading →

What a way to honor Gandhi

on February 24, 2024 in Doof, Nature, Visualization

I recently watched Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi movie. I often pass the Gandhi statue around the corner from my home in Union Square. The other day I saw that someone honored Gandhi’s legacy with an empty beer can at his feet. I’m sure Gandhi would have loved the tribute. Or maybe our culture could use reminding of its lost values of stewardship and personal responsibility that might restore meaning and purpose[…] Keep reading →

Beautiful, scary red sunrise, then a snow day

on February 21, 2024 in Nature, Visualization

I don’t use Instagram so even though I took only a few pictures, I’m posting them here. I’m not claiming they’re great pictures. I just snapped them in the morning. First, on a Friday at 6:45am, the sky was red. The camera seems to have adjusted it to less red, but you can mostly tell. It was redder a few minutes before. I noticed it while I was doing calisthenics.[…] Keep reading →

What’s “extreme” when everyone around you is acting crazy?

on February 13, 2024 in Doof, Nature

People describe my steps toward sustainability as “extreme.” Imagine everyone you knew gave babies Pepsi to drink, as much as they wanted all the time. You might think since it’s not healthy, you might not give your baby so much Pepsi. What’s the right amount of Pepsi to give babies? Ten percent less than everyone else? Twenty percent? If you give fifty percent less, are you starting to get extreme?[…] Keep reading →

Readers’ Pledges to Avoid Flying

on February 6, 2024 in Leadership, Nature

I pledged on Flight Free USA to avoid flying. Then last year, I inspired someone to avoid flying, which led to the Washington Post quoting her. At December’s year-end meeting of organizers, I pledged to inspire five people in 2024 to pledge. I inspired five to pledge in January alone! A few cited my influence. All took my sustainability leadership workshop. I recommend it! Check out their pledges. Here’s Evelyn‘s[…] Keep reading →

Probably my last post this season on people paying to chop down trees so they can throw them away

on February 6, 2024 in Nature

Here’s the last trashed tree I expect to see this season, which I saw Sunday evening, February 4. It’s a wrecked wreath next to a portable toilet, not the only one in this post putting something presumably people considered holy or sacred plopped next to a box of poop. Stay classy, Christians! Here are more:

“Traveling” with roller suitcases isn’t what traveling used to be

on February 5, 2024 in Nature

When I was in college and traveled abroad, I packed my stuff in an internal frame backpack. No big deal. It didn’t make me special. I remember most people my age traveling with them. It just held my stuff and by putting most of the weight on my hips, allowed me to carry it far over most terrain. I don’t remember the last time I saw someone with an internal[…] Keep reading →

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