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Category Archives: Education

Nelson Mandela: leadership doesn’t come from authority [video]

posted by Joshua on May 26, 2017 in Education, Leadership

You can learn to uplead. When you do you’ll be able to lead in all directions more effectively. You’ll realize that relying on authority tends to undermine your ability to lead. Check out the second video with American Management Association Books, my publisher, which distinguishes between leadership and authority and illustrates the difference with Nelson[…] Keep reading →

A problem with leadership education and how I teach differently [video]

posted by Joshua on May 23, 2017 in Education, Leadership

I met with my publisher, American Management Association Books to record some topics on my book and how I teach. Check out the first video, which answers What’s a problem with current leadership education? and How do I teach differently? Read my book and take my course to overcome the shortcomings of traditional education.

Listen to me on The Entrepreneur Way podcast with Neil Ball

posted by Joshua on May 22, 2017 in Audio, Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Take the Initiative and Start Acting on Something with Joshua Spodek Founder and Owner of Spodek Academy Neil Ball is a fascinating, probing host of the podcast The Entrepreneur Way. We spoke recently and today he posted our conversation. The conversation covers more of my entrepreneurial background, lessons, and views than any podcast I remember[…] Keep reading →

Reinvention Radio with Steve Olsher interviewed me

posted by Joshua on May 21, 2017 in Audio, Education, Exercises, Leadership, Relationships

I’m honored and privileged for Reinvention Radio with Steve Olsher to have interviewed me. There’s nothing like live radio to make a conversation exciting and spontaneous. We did exercises from the book on the air. Now the conversation is online for you to listen to at your leisure. About Reinvention Radio: Reinvention Radio … Obliterates[…] Keep reading →

The Inspirational Chronicles with Emilio Ron, parts 1 and 2: Building Discipline and Become an Exceptional Communicator

posted by Joshua on May 20, 2017 in Audio, Education, Exercises, Fitness, Leadership, Relationships

I met Emilio Ron at an event for public speakers. We started talking and he invited me to be a guest on his new podcast, Inspirational Chronicles. The following fits into the conversation we recorded: He invited me to record in the studio he set up. Somehow, despite living in Manhattan, I agreed to take[…] Keep reading →

Leadership and the Environment: It starts here

posted by Joshua on May 19, 2017 in Audio, Awareness, Education, Leadership, Nature

I’m talking more about the lack of leadership I see regarding the environment and global warming. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t want to make the world a better place or who opposed clean air and water, but we were born into a world that makes it difficult to avoid polluting it. As everyone knows,[…] Keep reading →

My 12-minute conversation with record-holding podcaster Engel Jones

posted by Joshua on May 16, 2017 in Audio, Education, Stories

Engel Jones holds the record for most podcasts, I believe. Our podcast was the most mellow I’ve been on. We spoke about Education Memories Earliest memories Music, and More. Plus, all his podcasts are about 12 minutes, so convenient for listening. Mine was 16 minutes. He posted mine today—his 1,128th. I recommend listening to mine[…] Keep reading →