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Universities don’t teach as well as they think they do.

on December 6, 2019 in Education

A friend once asked why I wanted a PhD in physics, or to become a professor. I told him I wanted to stay in academia because I wanted to keep learning. He responded, “I learn something new every day!” He worked at a bank. I presumed banks didn’t care about employees except that the did their work. My dad taught as a tenured professor since I was born. I grew[…] Keep reading →

My failure resume, first pass

on November 30, 2019 in Education

Someone mentioned the idea of a failure resume a month or two ago. You know as much about them as I do now. I haven’t looked up the idea but the name describes enough to go on. I’ve thought about it long enough. Time to start it. I expect I’ll add to it and refine. Date Event Lessons 1970s and 80s Mugged 5 times growing up, three bikes stolen, etc,[…] Keep reading →

The Original Bar Chart, or why I prefer chalkboards to whiteboards

on November 27, 2019 in Education, Humor, Visualization

I prefer blackboards to whiteboards, which are plastic and chintzy, their markers plastic and chemically. Blackboards, on the other hand, are made of rock. Chalk is made of chalk. They’re from the Earth. But my big issue is that markers are nearly always out of ink, which I find out too late, by using them. With chalk, you can tell by looking, as this bar chart I made shows: Try[…] Keep reading →

Clips from my speaking at Google last week

on November 26, 2019 in Education, Podcast

I spoke at Google on starting a podcast, specifically on the environment. I wish I could bring you the whole thing, but here are a few unretouched clips. The audience was very receptive, stayed late, and asked lots of questions. I hope to bring you future stories of them starting podcasts from this event. and and Sorry the sound is off on this one:

November 1999 was a big month

on November 14, 2019 in Education, Entrepreneurship

This month is the twenty year anniversary of the big month of November 1999. Long enough has passed that I may mis-remember, but in November 1999, I Defended my PhD thesis Bought the Greenwich Village apartment I still live in Secured, with my co-founder, my first company’s first investment of $200,000 In other words, I finished the top degree in one of the most challenging fields, severed my ties with[…] Keep reading →

A review of my Google talk

on September 26, 2019 in Education

On Monday I spoke on Initiative at Google in Chelsea, Manhattan. It was my first time speaking with them (here’s my speaking page, by the way, for those looking to book an amazing speaker who will get them promoted for hiring me). It reminded me that I started using Google in graduate school because they used GNU/Linux before anyone else had heard of them, probably around 1997 or 98. Many[…] Keep reading →

Initiative: Why We Lack It and How to Develop It

on August 21, 2019 in Education

I wrote an in-depth piece answering why we as a culture and as individuals tend to lack initiative, as developed in my book, and how to develop more initiative. It presents more from my book than most reviews or excerpts I’ve posted. The piece is called Initiative: Why We Lack It and How to Develop It and appears in a community site for coaches and people getting coached called The[…] Keep reading →

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