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Category Archives: Education

Economics is wrong about growth

posted by Joshua on July 24, 2017 in Education, Models, Nature

My recent post at Inc., “Economics Is Wrong About Growth And It’s Ruining Everything,” begins Economics Is Wrong About Growth And It’s Ruining Everything Even Adam Smith foresaw an end to growth. How did we lose sight of it and think we could grow forever? Nearly every economist I’ve heard say anything about economic growth says it’s necessary for[…] Keep reading →

Transformative Leadership, a guest post from Jethro Jones

posted by Joshua on July 21, 2017 in Education, Leadership, Stories

Jethro Jones is hosting the Transformative Leadership summit. I know him because he hosts the Transformative Principal podcast. Here’s my conversation with him, “How You Learn Is As Important As What You Learn.” I’m participating in the summit. We recorded part of my session, and if you want to improve your leadership, you’ll benefit from[…] Keep reading →

NYU Students Speak About Joshua Spodek’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership Courses

posted by Joshua on July 15, 2017 in Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

I recently met with two groups of students who took my leadership and entrepreneurship courses at NYU, Charlie Rose-style. I believe the 9 students represent the experiences of the majority of students who took my courses and did the exercises conscientiously. They included undergraduates who took my courses as freshmen and adult professionals founding or[…] Keep reading →

Elite Universities, Failure, and How They Just Don’t Get It

posted by Joshua on July 1, 2017 in Education, Fitness

My Inc. article yesterday, “Elite Universities, Failure, and How They Just Don’t Get It,” began Elite Universities, Failure, and How They Just Don’t Get It Elite universities don’t get failure, revealing a deep strategic flaw in U.S. education. Some solutions are easy. A recent New York Times article, “On Campus, Failure Is on the Syllabus,”[…] Keep reading →

What is Wrong with Leadership Training for Sustainable Success?

posted by Joshua on June 29, 2017 in Audio, Education, Exercises, Leadership

Chris Salem hosts the Sustainable Success radio show on Voice America, Wednesdays at 11am. He interviewed me yesterday and posted the interview. Live radio means no retakes or editing, which makes everything more dynamic. Also, we practice the Meaningful Connection exercise from Chapter 17 of my book and leadership course, so if you’re working on[…] Keep reading →

Published in the Leader to Leader journal

posted by Joshua on June 23, 2017 in Education, Leadership

I just got my copies of the summer 2017 edition of the Leader to Leader Journal, published by the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute (formerly named for Peter Drucker). The journal is a many-times winner of the APEX award for publication excellence. In other words, it’s prestigious. My article, “Leadership Step by Step,” is on page[…] Keep reading →